Break the Stereotypes in Profession

Where am I?
So after learning this massive knowledge of Architecture, we start looking for opportunities. And in this race we actually forget the basic line through which we had planned to go when
we decided to pursue the knowledge. A great Indian leader has rightly said working hard in right direction will give you success, and not just working hard in any. After graduation a flawk of people start looking for Job, few affordable Architects already have the admissions for Post-graduation in some Fancy university and few extra enthaustics have the Office Setups even before the Mark-sheet is in Hand. But no one ever speaks rather appreciates about that person who takes a break after this 5 Years. The person who is full of Anxiety just because his Classmates are doing well, the person who is depressed and feels they wasted years. Many people call then strugglers or unemployed . But we all should understand that these years of degree is just the Knowledge implantation. So let me get you straight, architecture cannot be taught, it needs to be explored. Many great Architects started their career when they actually got the Niche. Then what we do for these years, so here is the answer we learn the basics, the sizes required and how to sunk in into this ocean of design, eventually you have to find the way out to survived here. And more than all this start exploring your ideas and break the Stereotypes. Every Graduate doesn’t need to do Post Graduation. Not every Architect should sit in an 9-5 office and complete the dreams of others. Not everyone can afford to start the own Practice  But post years of learning these are not the only fields you can work in. An Architect can work in many fields, but sit back hold yourself and ask What exactly you have enjoyed learning the Most in these years, and you will get the answer for lifetime. Its fine if you like to fit in these Stereotypes, but before that
Find you Niche…!!

A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.

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