Careers After Architecture

Being an Architect…!!
It’s not easy…!! It’s like imagining no traffic on Bombay streets on Monday.!!!
Sacrificing the sleep for 5 years, just to have a peaceful life, but after all this what you get in the depressions and anxiety and some peanuts to fulfil your Castel dreams.
Why is it so…??
Because now a day everyone thinks they are Architects or we can reframe it as their knowledge is more than an Architectural Professions. And all thanks to the loop holes of the society, who didn’t trained the people to make the person work as per their skills.
Today an Engineer acts like an Architect, An Interior Designers Acts like and Engineer and
the Architects are findings their peace with some penny in hand.
Why is it so…??
Why don’t people play their roles in the circus of life?
Why can’t an Architect just work as an Architect, without interfering in the Engineers work and same with an Interior designer.
So here the difference
Architect will help you to design your space, they will help you out with all legalities and will see to it that your space is been well designed keeping all the aspects of Construction in consideration
Engineers will help your structure to stand up straight for the rest of their life in good quality
And the Interior Designer will decorate the space with his play of Colours and Aesthetics.
So next time when you chose any person to do your work, chose wisely.
Yes, all these professions do charge on higher scale, but always remember you are paying them for their skills which they have achieved in their education and the time they are
investing in your dreams.

A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.

You Decide we will deliver