What is a Concept?

So this amazing city, the most cultured or should we mention as the witness for all trends. This city where people come to gain knowledge, fall in love with the peace and find their calm here. This amazing shade of Calmness has witness the magnificent change in the limits of the sky keeping the roots intact. It has embraced all age groups all caste creed with love and the credit goes to our ancestors and guides of this land or the actual stakeholders of our freedom in today’s world. These people rooted the Cultural in this space and now it’s been fruitful with the passing days

This tiny little city, earlier flooded with biodiversity is now been a Concrete Jungle. The areas which never had any land value is now reaching the limits to the sky. Where small buildings have captured the Core area of the city keeping the heritage intact, these tiny buildings are now being surrounded by the gaint Glass façade office and IT hubs as the development boundary.

Today even the best authenticated food you will find in the heart of the city, whereas the western Cuisine in the surroundings. You will experience the heritage in the core while moving away will give you a glimpse of the modern days.

The small nutshell, this city is being divided. The upcoming IT hubs, The Modern Office buildings, the upcoming luxurious apartments and the restaurants work as a hard-core shell for the Outsiders, but the core people know where the heart of this Pensioners Paradise last for 

The Pensioners Paradise: The Pune City.

A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.

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